To be part of Racing is more than a state of mind: it's a way of life. And it hasn't been forged over time, it existed at the outset. The people who shouted "R-A-C-I-N-G!", separating ever letter, back in 1892 are the same as those who, in the late 80s, played with Basque berets and bow ties, drinking champagne at half-time.



Racing is the most traditional and the most unpredictable of clubs. Its constant theme is panache, respect for the attacking game and for its opponents… chivalry in "Ciel et Blanc".

The opposing team has scored a try? Who cares, we will only have to score more points. That's been the "Racing touch" for the last 130 years, and especially for the 120 years that the rugby group has existed. It's this invisible Sky Blue thread that links Franck Mesnel, Henry Chavancy and the De Candamo or Duchamps brothers. In 1892, they surprised Stade Français, the favourite for the first match for the first "Bouclier de Brennus", in 1990 and they're still surprising people in 2012.



This totally unique Sky Blue flame explains why the club has only won the Bouclier de Brennus five times (1892, 1900, 1902, 1959 and 1990). Not as often as it has deserved, as it has also been a finalist six times (1898, 1912, 1920, 1950, 1957 and 1987) and has given the French team 76 internationals, including 12 great captains such as Frantz Reichel, Jean-Pierre Rives and Lionel Nallet. No, Racing isn't like the other clubs; it takes greater pride in the fifteen French under-19 and under-17 championships won between 1954 and 1994. Racing is first and foremost a club that trains people and passes on a real rugby culture.

And we haven't lost the key to this famous Sky Blue house. It was a pioneer of Scottish origin, a certain Georges de Saint-Clair, who began the tradition, revealing all the potentialities contained in the title of "Racing Club de France" and all the facets of the oval ball, and giving it the Sky Blue of Cambridge. After that, a string of outstanding leaders had only to pass on the sacred flame.



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