The Racing family is growing. We’re delighted to announce the recruitment, and adoption, of Mahout. Our mascot is an elephant and the XXXL Ciel et Blanc shirt fits him like a glove. Come to Colombes for a Racing Metro 92 match to check it out yourself!


A very long time ago, in 218 BC, Mahout’s illustrious ancestors crossed the Alps. It’s said that the opposing Roman legions were struck with awe at their power as they carried Hannibal to victory. A distant cousin of Mahout, Ganesh, is the Indian god of wisdom and intelligence. Broad shoulders, intelligent and big-hearted too... The adventures of his ancestor Babar have fired the imagination of millions of children. Babar always triumphs with elegance over adversity. So these are the origins of our Mahout, the mascot of a club that likes to combine physical courage with that of the mind and heart.


The English will tell you that “mahout” means “elephant keeper”. Closer to home, the Bretons say that the “mahout” is someone who stands out in a physical or intellectual discipline. So the team that wins the “Brennus” must be a “mahout”. Long live Mahout!


Next match

Sunday 26th November 12:30 pm

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